We are a 100% Mexican company with accredited experience of more than 30 years in the market, covering the needs of our different clients. JSF de Mexico has experienced a process of qualitative growth shown by the merit our valued clients see in our different comprehensive services that benefit them through measurable and quantifiable quality processes. The company is environmentally conscious and is firmly devoted to helping in the reduction of environmental pollution with the products we offer. In addition, we are committed to give timely follow-up to your project from the beginning to the completed job, proposing the design of your garden according to your needs. Our greatest added values are the time, the form and the quality of delivery of our proposals and products.

Mr. Clemente Garrido
Founder CEO of Jardines Santa Fe.


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We are specialists in Xerogardening which implies the rational use of water, with the objective of reducing higher costs and soil and environment pollution.


Garden Design and Landscaping

The degree of specialization that we demand and encourage from our collaborators and qualified personnel allows us to guarantee that our clients’ projects are impeccably done in light of the trust we inspire and in response to the needs of various business segments. At the same time clients can rely on our expertise to meet technical specifications on each project; using the most up to date industry technology and cutting-edge tools, to guarantee on time delivery.  By harmonizing and embellishing the architectural spaces according to the clients’ needs we create 100% sustainable spaces that help reduce the problems of pollution and global warming that may affect your home. For this we have a professional department of architects’ designers with extensive experience in landscaping.

JSF has specialists in Xerogardening that consists in the rational use of irrigation water, thereby establishing a balance between the available water resources and satisfying the needs of the client. «You have to save water but you also have to avoid contaminating the soil and the environment», says Mr. Clemente Garrido.

If you already have a project, we adapt to it, we have experience in value engineering, which consists of a systematic procedure to review your project, focused on the perspective of the intended function or the purpose. This acts as a way to stimulate the search of alternatives that simultaneously fulfill the same functions but with lower costs or investment level and operation.

Design and Construction of Irrigation Systems

The creative, technical and computer skills of our team of designers is aimed at devising engineering strategies that have been used and evaluated by leading companies in the country; always seeking a perfect match between the conceptual aspect of the project and the client’s needs. The objective is the ordering and giving of an adequate application of the amount of water for the plants.  Because we are specialists in Xerogardening we are committed to the rational use of water. The optimization of irrigation must be a fundamental practice, adjusting water use to make the garden more efficient and 100% sustainable.

Golf Course Landscaping

The design of a golf course is a great challenge, and it involves our team working together with the client. A memorable golf course must fulfill its function, besides being aesthetically attractive through the use of elements and details such as: trees, flowers, shrubs and decorative stones. The sustainability of the project needs to be determined to generate savings in the concepts of Xeriscape and Value Engineering.

JSF de México with more than 20 years of experience is the perfect complement to the construction of a golf course by developing all the landscaping. We adapt to your idea and add to it for the best design to provide a better visual experience to the player.


Hydroseeding is another service that JSF de Mexico provides and is used in the fight against erosion and destabilization of poorly consolidated slopes or land and aims to establish a plant cover on land difficult to access or is very steep. This controls and prevents erosion and restores the landscape. Hydroseeding stabilizes the terrain, especially on surfaces with steep slopes or poor soils with very low concentrations of organic matter and nutrients, minimally consolidated or inaccessible to usual sowing machinery. Vegetation is established 20 to 25% faster than with any other mechanical or manual seeding alternative.

Rescue of Protected Plants

Every project of development and construction necessarily implies a modification to the surrounding geographical environment which in attention to the proper conservation of the natural environment makes it necessary to protect native plants. JSF de Mexico carries this out under the strictest specifications and requirements determined by the corresponding forestry bodies in accordance with the laws issued by SEMARNAT regarding the protection of flora and fauna (Article 123 BIS of the General Law of Sustainable Forest Development (http://www.diputados.gob.mx/LeyesBiblio/regley/Reg_LGDFS_311014.pdf). There are several options in the rescue process according to the requirements for the species or native plants and that should be part of the heritage of each project once it has been completed. Temporary tree nurseries, irrigation, inventory and labeling of species, maintenance programs and advice, are some of the services that our company makes available to our customers.


he reduction to small recyclable fragments of non-usable plant material for design or aesthetic purposes is our contribution in terms of services in consideration of the environment. The biodegradable vegetal material obtained as a result of the dismantling process prior to the beginning of the development, makes the most of a useful compost to improve the quality of the land where the live plants will be planted or transplanted. This translates into a considerable savings both in the proper removal of plant waste and in the reduction in the purchase of land.


We know how important it is to conserve your investment by offering garden maintenance plans according to your needs. We know that this work must be carried out by professionals in the field, guaranteeing all aspects of healthy trees, plants and flowers.

  • Installation, control, programming and review of irrigation systems.
  • Pruning of plants, shrubs, trees and palm trees. Weed removal.
  • Pest control through different pest detection systems that affect trees and plants.
  • Implementation of phytosanitary treatment. It is a method based on the application of a substance that prevents or destroys insects, mites, fungi or bacteria -among other types of pests- that affect plant life.
  • Fertilizer that guarantees healthy and adequate growth of all plants.
  • Installation, repair and lawn supervision
  • Mowing the lawn as a perfect example of the gardening service.


We have extensive experience in Value Engineering and are able to adapt to your project and to your budget.